Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A note on life goals...

Work hard for what you want. Work long and hard - into the night and under the gun, overtime and under the wire, up an appetite and down a rabbit hole, towards what you want and away from what you used to. Work hard and don’t let anyone tell you how long to hold out for what you are so convinced that you really really want. And then, when the time comes, get ready to walk away. Leaving the all the unsigned papers and unfinished sentences and unclosed deals and unrequited hours just where they are. Give up. And give in to the next. Because life is all about unfinished business. The commission from one closed deal in life will give you the rolodex for the next unclosed one. If walking away is hard, then you know you’re walking away at the right time. When the time does come, turn away from yesterday’s paperwork and toast to tomorrow’s. Just make sure the wine is good.

Sometimes what you are looking long and hard for, is just what you need to start looking for something else.